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The Finest in Crime and Suspense Short Fiction

The Lineup

Authors In This Issue

Full-time freelancer Michael Bracken is the editor of More Groovy Gumshoes (Down & Out, April 2023) and Prohibition Peepers (Down & Out, September 2023) among other works.

O’Neil De Noux last apeared in AHMM in November/December 2022 (see “The Other French Detective”).

Laurel Flores Fantauzzo is the author of The First Impulse.

John M. Floyd’s recent fiction appeared in Strand Magazine #69.

Journalist, essayist, and novelist Jim Fusilli is the author of The Mayor of Polk Street (Open Road, 2022).

Buffalo, NY native Mark Hannon is the author of stories, novels (see the Falchion-nominated The Vulture, Apprentice House, 2020), and nonfiction. This is his first published mystery story.

“Pobre Maria” by Tom Larsen (AHMM, January/February 2022) will appear in The Best Mystery Stories of the Year 2023.

Veteran police detective Lee Lofland is the publisher at New Arc Books, an imprint of Level Best.

St. Louis writer Sandra Murphy’s short fiction has appeared in anthologies such as Monkey Business, Die Laughing, and others. She is also an editor and writes nonfiction under the name Avery Mack.

New Jersey author Jeff Somers is a contributing editor at Writer’s Digest and the author of Writing Without Rules (Penguin, 2018) in addition to short stories and novels.

Texas magistrate Mark Thielman blogs at

Albert Tucher’s last piece in AHMM was “The Conversation Killer” (July/August 2022).

Las Vegas author and fashion consultant Shauna Washington’s first short story appeared in AHMM, May 2012.

Writing teacher Dave Waskin returns to AHMM’s pages this issue for the first time since 1999; his first published work appeared here in 1990.

Elizabeth Zelvin’s Bruce Kohler series includes five novels and eleven short stories, three having been nominated for the Derringer or Agatha awards.

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