Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine Presents: 13 Tales of New American Gothic

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The power of Gothic fiction to delight and disturb in equal measure energizes this collection of stories drawn from the pages of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. In these stories, restless ghosts seek vengeance, cursed objects bedevil their owners, and unwary innocents are drawn into grotesque and frightening circumstances.

Contributors Terry Black, John C. Boland, Rhys Bowen, Shelley Costa, O’Neil De Noux, Jean Femling, Martin Limón, Steve Lindley, Elaine Menge, Joyce Carol Oates, Elaine Viets, James Lincoln Warren, and L. A. Wilson, Jr.

All the familiar pleasures of Gothic fiction – creepy strangers, unsettling obsessions, physical confinement, evil legacies, uncanny events, and the looming threat of mysterious, malevolent forces – are rendered here in a distinctively modern American style.

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