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The Finest in Crime and Suspense Short Fiction

Asimov's Readers' Award Finalists

We are very excited to bring you most of the works that finished in the top five slots in each category of the 36th Annual Readers’ Award Poll. Although we won’t be announcing the winners until a later date, we’re listing all the finalists in alphabetical order by story title. We’ve uploaded these files, so check out the links to these tales if you missed them when they were first published in Asimov’s! (If you see more than five stories in a category, this is due to a tie that expanded the finalist list.)

A big thanks goes to our readers for taking the time to vote and to our writers for allowing us to post their works. Enjoy these works and remember to check out the 2022 issues of Asimov’s. We want to know what your favorites are when we compile the 37th annual poll.

Congratulations to our 36th Annual Readers’ Award Finalists!

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