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The Finest in Crime and Suspense Short Fiction

Story Excerpts

The Moment of Truth
by John F. Dobbyn 

Art by 123RF

I remember waking in a drench of sweat, fear, and chills. That’s not unusual. It was Sunday morning. I slipped into the routine that was more like a sacred ritual to drive away the demons. Breakfast in my hotel room alone. A call from my manager, Miguel, to see that I could push through the fear yet another Sunday.

It was time to dress. My faithful Angelito appeared to see that every fold of my “suit of lights” was aligned to perfection.

Then a prayer to the Mother of God before the small icon in a tiny side room. READ MORE


4th Floor Alice
by Mary Angela Honerman

Art by Shutterstock

A thick fog settled into the cracks of the city, softening the angles of strip malls and superstores until Kate could see beyond the town of fifty thousand and into the deep fields of South Dakota’s prairie. March hoarfrost covered the stiff brown stubble, making the bare fields appear beautiful. They’d looked this way for a hundred years and would look the same in a hundred more. Time couldn’t touch the enduring flatness of the Northern Plains. A single tree, out of place in the vacant skyline, stood watch over the great expanse, its branches as tangled as the stories Kate’s mother, Elenor, recounted. READ MORE

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