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The Finest in Crime and Suspense Short Fiction

Table of Contents

May/June 2023


Sip and Float • Elaine Menge

Murder Mnemonic • Loretta Sue Ross

Personal Space • Mike Cooper

Denim Mining • Michael Bracken

Minerva James and the River God • Mark Bruce

The Case of the Kosher Deal • Mark Thielman

The Annual Mud Season Homicide • Nikki Knight

One, Two, Déjà Vu • S. L. Franklin

A Room in the Heart • Gar Anthony Haywood

Heelprints in the Sands of Time • Dan Crawford

A Matter of Perspective • Elizabeth Zelvin

Sheep Is Life • David Hagerty

Weekend at Paul’s • Jeff Soloway



The Lineup

Mysterious Photograph

Scrambled Bond . . . James Bond Anagram Puzzle • Mark Lagasse

Booked & Printed Laurel Flores Fantauzzo

Dying Words Acrostic Puzzle • Arlene Fisher

Case Files • Lee Lofland

The Story That Won

Solution to Dying Words

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