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November/December 2021


The Influencer by Ellen Tremiti

Chicago Lightning by Loren D. Estleman

The Mission by Christopher E. Long

An Excellent Team by Edith Maxwell

LOOGY by Jim Fusilli

The Curse of Edwin Grange by James G. Tipton

Dry Bones by Mark Thielman

The Trouble with Rebecca by Larry Light

Green Eyes by R. T. Lawton

Oro de Tontos by Tom Larsen

Killers: A Story of Love in Four Acts by Brendan DuBois

By His Own Hand by John H. Dirckx

Digging through Fog by Sharon Hunt

Christmas Spirit by W. H. Cameron

Juliet and Her Romeo by Sydney Redcar


The Lineup

Mysterious Photograph

Scrambled Mason II Anagram Puzzle by Mark Lagasse

Booked & Printed by Laurel Flores Fantauzzo

Dying Words Acrostic Puzzle by Arlene Fisher

The Story That Won

2021 Index

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