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July/August 2022


Iguana Don by Michael Mallory

The Vampire Shift by Josh Pachter

Dead Letterbox by Maurissa Guibord

The Case of Fowl Play by Mark Thielman

Florence Uglietta Solari: A Full Life in 19 Fragments by J. M. Taylor

The Lord of Falling Objects by Robert Lopresti

The Fitz by Janice Law

Death Will Take the High Line by Elizabeth Zelvin

Five Bullet Friday by Mary Angela Honerman

El Chico Maravilla by Tom Larsen

The Confession by Linda Mannheim

Ladies and Deuces by Peter Colt

The Conversation Killer by Albert Tucher


The Man Who Went Down Under by Alexis Stefanovich-Thomson


The Lineup

Mysterious Photograph

Dying Words by Arlene Fisher

Scrambled Spencer II by Mark Lagasse

Booked & Printed by Laurel Flores Fantauzzo

Case Files by Lee Lofland

The Story That Won

Solution to Dying Words

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