Table of Contents

September/October 2021



The Beano  by Floyd Sullivan

The Map Dot Murder by Mark Thielman

Gnawing at the Cat’s Tail by R. T. Lawton

Raining by Peter Colt

Glass by James R. Benn

Ice Ice Baby by Barb Goffman

The Shoemaker’s Children by Tom Savage

Blindsided by Michael Bracken and James A. Hearn

Taxonomy Lesson by Robert Lopresti

Ju Ju by L. A. Wilson, Jr.

A Hell of a Thing . . . by Wayne J. Gardiner

No God West of Hays by Eric B. Ruark

Paris Green by John C. Boland


The Lineup

Scrambled Mason I Anagram Puzzle by Mark Lagasse

Dying Words Acrostic Puzzle by Arlene Fisher

Booked & Printed by Laurel Flores Fantauzzo

Mysterious Photograph

The Story That Won

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