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May/June 2022


Crossing the Line, Twice by Robert Mangeot

Locum by Casey Karaman

Let’s Keep the Party Polite by Christopher Latragna

The Harbinger by Kevin Egan

Detective Anne Boleyn by Susan Breen

Death in Paris by Joseph Goodrich

The Man in the Long Dark Coat by Pat Black

The Refusal Camp by James R. Benn

The Dollhouse by John M. Floyd

Renée Takes Things by Leslie Elman

The Werewolf of Mackinac by Loren D. Estleman

Moonlight in Our Eyes by Stephen Ross

Partners in Crime by Wayne J. Gardiner


The Lineup

Scrambled Spencer I by Mark Lagasse

Mysterious Photograph

Booked & Printed by Laurel Flores Fantauzzo

Dying Words by Arlene Fisher

Case Files by Lee Lofland

The Story That Won

Solution to Dying Words

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