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North Carolina author Pamela Blackwood’s first published story was “Our Closing Hymn” in the 11/96 issue of AHMM.

Shelly Dickson Carr is the author of Ripped: A Jack the Ripper Time Travel Thriller (New Book Partners), winner of three Benjamin Franklin Awards (IBPA).

John H. Dirckx is the author of Dr. Thorndyke’s Dilemma and many stories published in places including EQMM and Woman’s World.

Janice Law’s short stories currently appear or are forthcoming in EQMM, Black Cat Mystery Magazine, and Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine.

Steve Lindley is the author of the Kubiak series. His “Night Work” appears in the anthology AHMM Presents 13 Tales of New American Gothic (Mystery Place Books).


Zandra Renwick’s short stories as by Camille Alexa are collected in Push of the Sky (Hadley Rille), and her recent work under various pseudonyms appears in The Baltimore Review, CHROMA, and Asimov’s Science Fiction.

This is NYC-based Canadian author Devon Shepherd’s first published mystery. Her work has appeared in the Sierra Nevada Review and Vancouver Courier.

Mark Thielman is a two-time Black Orchid Novella Award winner. Visit our website to hear this issue’s story in our podcast series.

Recent and upcoming fiction by James Tipton can be found in Nostos, and his recent poetry appears in Blue Unicorn.

Hope Sze’s Ottawan colleagues feature in Human Remains by Melissa Yi. The most recent thriller in the series is Death Flight (Windtree Press).

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