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The Finest in Crime and Suspense Short Fiction

The Lineup

Authors In This Issue

2022 Derringer Award winner MICHAEL BRACKEN is an at-large member of the MWA’s board of directors.

Family and criminal law attorney MARK BRUCE lives in California and has completed the first Minerva James novel.

The Downside is MIKE COOPER’s latest novel (2017, Mysterious Press).

Dan Crawford’s poetry is available on YouTube as illustrated recitations.

There are sixteen novels in S.L. FRANKLIN’s R. J. Carr series (see Banality of Evil, 2023).

DAVID HAGERTY is the author of the Duncan Cochrane mystery series (see They Tell Me You Are Cunning, Evolved, 2019).

GAR ANTHONY HAYWOOD is the Shamus and Anthony award-winning author of fourteen novels, including the Aaron Gunner and Joe and Dottie Loudermilk series.

Wrong Poison—from the Grace the Hit Mom series—is Black Orchid Novella Award runner-up NIKKI KNIGHT’s next novel (Charade Media).

ELAINE MENGE appeared in AHMM with “Plein Air” (July/August 2020).

Missourian LORETTA SUE ROSS is the author of the Auction Block mystery novels (see Julia’s Heart, 2020).

JEFF SOLOWAY won the Robert L. Fish Award for Best First Mystery Story and was a 2022 Thriller Award finalist for Best Short Story.

Two-time BONA winner MARK THIELMAN blogs at

ELIZABETH ZELVIN’s Mendoza Family Saga includes the novels Voyage of Strangers (Lake Union, 2014) and Journey of Strangers (Outsider, 2015).

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