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The Finest in Crime and Suspense Short Fiction

The Lineup

Authors In This Issue

Edgar-nominee MICHAEL BRACKEN is the editor of numerous anthologies including Mickey Finn: 21st Century Noir (Down and Out, volume 3 released December 2022).

CATHERINE DILTS is the author of the Rock Shop Mystery Series and the stand-alone novel Survive or Die (Encircle Publications).

TERENCE FAHERTY is the author of the Scott Elliott and Owen Keane series.

EQMM Readers Award-winner KAREN HARRINGTON’s recent and upcoming work appears in EQMM and Malice in Dallas: Metroplex Mysteries Volume 2.

MARTIN LIMÓN’s latest novel to feature US Army CID agents Bascom and Sueño is War Women (Soho Crime).

ROBERT LOPRESTI reviews short stories at Little Big Crimes.

Playwright, screenwriter, and author NINA MANSFIELD’s recent work appeared in the anthology Justice for All (Level Best, 2021).

WILLIAM BURTON MCCORMICK’s novel KGB Banker (Milford House, 2021) won Best Conspiracy Thriller at the 2022 Book Awards.

Pushcart Prize-nominee DENNIS MCFADDEN’s novel in stories Jimtown Road won the Press 53 Award for Short Fiction in 2016.

MIKE MCHONE’s recent short stories have appeared in Mystery Magazine, Gone: an Anthology of Crime Stories, and EQMM.

JOHN PAXTON SHERIFF is the author of nine novels, including Deathly Suspense (Robert Hale, 2007).

MARK THIELMAN twice won the Black Orchid Novella Award, co-sponspored by AHMM and The Wolfe Pack.

Edgar-nominee JOSEPH S. WALKER’s fiction appears in The Mysterious Bookshop Presents the Best Mystery Stories of the Year, 2022.

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