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The Finest in Crime and Suspense Short Fiction
November/December 2023

Welcome to Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine! Discover original, spine-tingling stories by top-notch authors and new writers from all corners of the mystery genre, plus news, reviews, and more… to make your blood run cold!

Beam Me Up, Elsie
Sharon Jarvis

Pond Scout
Bob Tippee

Booked & Printed
Laurel Flores Fantauzzo


That Uneasy Feeling
Linda Landrigan

The Story That Won
In 250 words or less…

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For all the thrill of the winter holidays, there can also be an undercurrent of dread: Overbooked flights, obnoxious relatives, the scrum in the department store for this year’s must-have toy, the depredations of porch thieves.



157 Nominations from the full breadth of mystery genres

37 Award-winning stories

Edgar, Agatha, Barry, Arthur Ellis, Robert L. Fish, Macavity, Shamus, Thriller, Anthony


Great stories of any genre are rooted in characters — well-drawn, individual, and credibly motivated…

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine is one of the oldest and most influential magazines of short mystery and crime fiction in the world. Launched over 60 years ago, today AHMM maintains a tradition of featuring both promising aspiring writers and talented authors, spanning the full spectrum of sub-genres from dark noir to graphic works.

Meet the Who’s Who of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine authors! View The Lineup of contributors in the current issue, see what motivates our writers, and much more.

Here at AHMM we like stories that not only entertain, but that are also a bit unsettling. When you see another side of life through the eyes of characters in the gripe of crisis, after all, the effect should not be exactly soothing. And since this issue hits the stands in the midst of the Halloween season, it’s appropriate that a few of these stories also prey on our fears of the supernatural to induce that uneasy feeling. When you knock on our door, these are the kinds of treats we like to give out.

A bed-and-breakfast hosts a guest who claims she is on the verge of turning into a wolf in E. J. Copperman’s “Under a Fool Moon.” A returning veteran investigates the mysterious disappearance of a friend from high school in Bob Tippee’s “Pond Scout.”

“Skeletons in the Closet”… Get the latest news, check out Editor Linda Landrigan’s blog, enjoy lively podcasts, test your mystery puzzling mettle, see if you have what it takes to be a mystery writer. It’s all here.

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Beam Me Up, Elsie
by Sharon Jarvis

“Where’s my blaster?”

Tom Troma was checking his movie outfit in the hotel room mirror when he realized his holster was empty. The missing blaster, a prop from the cult Zeta Zombies films, was worth a pretty penny—and it was an integral part of his Ace Alpha costume.

The pimply kid assigned to be his guide at PhilCon—the annual science fiction convention held in Philadelphia—just shrugged. READ MORE


Art by

Pond Scout
by Bob Tippee

After two tours in Afghanistan, I still had both arms and legs and a head full of more killing than a person needs. The whole time I was in the army, I thought I might find Brad Dellinger. I thought maybe, after he and Ricky Sawhill went back to the pond that night, he had caught a bus out of town and enlisted like he always said he would. I didn’t find him. Then I was a civilian again, needing to decide what to do with my life and wishing I still had Brad for help. READ MORE

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